Organic by John Patrick Autumn/Winter 2014-15

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damn selena
do you speak British or American english?

Bold which word you tend to say.  (the first is British and the second is American)

  • cinema or movie theatre?
  • film or movie?
  • queue or line?
  • crisps or chips?
  • jam or jelly?
  • colour or color?
  • favourite or favorite?
  • aeroplane or airplane?
  • anticlockwise or counterclockwise?
  • bill or check?
  • petrol or gas?
  • braces or suspenders?
  • car park or parking lot?
  • chemist or drugstore?
  • cot or crip?
  • nappy or diapers?
  • fringe or bangs?
  • plait or braid?
  • draughts or checkers?
  • motorway or highway?
  • football or soccer?
  • holiday or vacation?

  • trainers or sneakers?
  • state school or public school?
  • ice lolly or popsicle?
  • hoover or vacuum cleaner?
  • lift or elevator?
  • mum or mom?
  • pavement or sidewalk?
  • postcode or zipcode?
  • shopping trolley or shopping cart?
  • skipping rope or jump rope?
  • soya or soy?
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